Tuesday 20 June 2017

Good morning all from the London Midlands service to London Euston.
A few things to cover this morning and I’m going to start with Alexis Sanchez. His contract stand-off has been going for a lot longer than my blog but I have again seen stories linking him to Man City.
I have no doubts they’re interested in him, who wouldn’t be? But it seems the interest in far ,ore significant than that of Chelsea, let’s say.
Now I know that to an extent the papers are playing on the obvious link the player and coach had at Barca to sell papers and generate clicks, it’s their job to make something out of nothing essentially but on the other hand, there is no smoke without fire, or so they say.
I would be bitterly disappointed if Arsenal were to sell Alexis to City because it would be a statement to everyone (players, fans, opposition & players of other clubs we are trying to sign) that we do not view ourselves as a direct rival to City, who are going to be challenging for the league next season.
Those days have passed, we do not need the money the sale would generate, we have shit loads in the bank. It’s one thing not spending it on his new contract and another thing entirely selling him. Do not sell him. Let him go on a free next year if he’s that keen to leave and stroke Pep’s head.
Anyway, in other news it has been reported that we are on the brink of signing Berge, the 19 year old defensive midfielder from Gene, for c. 18m.
I have no idea who he is, how good he is or how he will fit into our team so if this is true, fingers crossed this isn’t another Lucas Perezesque signing. It’s worth mentioning that the report for this also suggested Monaco, Sevilla and Everton were in for him so we’ll keep an eye on this one.
Finishing on another transfer saga regarding one of our own, Giroud. Wenger was asked about his future and basically said I know he’s been frustrated by his lack of starts but he’s been useful when he’s come off the bench and that’s what we need.
Based on that, it appears Wenger wants Giroud to stay and is willing to guarantee him a place on the bench. Generous I know.
I am now approaching my destination so I’ll wrap it up here and I’ll be back tomorrow. 
All the best.

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