Wednesday 21 July 2017

I’ve decided to talk about the positions within the team and the players we have available.
I’ll be discussing my thoughts about the season just gone as well as expectations for the summer/upcoming season.
Today’s post is about our goalkeepers so have a read and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
Our undisputed number one between the sticks this season and overall I think he had a good season without being great. It’s been easy to criticise him at times throughout the season when results haven’t gone our way but I don’t recall him making any glaring mistakes in the games we have under performed in.
His ability to allow every penalty in is something I think we can all agree is something he needs to work on. However, I feel penalties are always a bit of a lottery in the sense that you never really know where a player is going to shoot. You can, however, research their previous penalties and see if there are any recurring themes or a favoured corner they aim for – I would guess he doesn’t do this because he’s absolutely shocking at it.
Overall, I think Cech is nowhere near the level he was at during his peak years at Chelsea but by no means is he ‘past it’ as I’ve heard some Arsenal fans suggest.
Going into next season I have no issue with him remaining the number one at the club and with rumours that Scszesny is on the verge of joining Juventus it seems Arsene is reluctant to have two world class keepers truly scrapping it out for the number spot next season.
Now with what happened in the changing room at Southampton it can’t come as a surprise to many that we will never see him in an Arsenal shirt again.
However, the fact that we are seemingly willing to let Ospina and Scsz to leave permanently without really replacing them seems a bit odd to me. There are rumours circulating that Martinez will deputise for Cech next season but that is something I wouldn’t look to fondly upon.
If that is the case we can wave goodbye to the FA Cup and League Cup unless we get favourable draws all the way to the final or a string of unbelievable performances from the Argentine.
As for David Ospina, I think he has also performed well in the few games he has played in. Certainly in the Champions League against PSG he performed admirably to get us the points we didn’t really deserve.
It must be confessed that he had a helping hand from Cavani, who has scored almost at free will this season, done is utmost to make the Colombian look like Oliver Khan.
I think it has been difficult for Ospina, having joined the club when Scszesny was our number one and didn’t really get a fair chance to cement a place in the team.
Of course Scszesny felt sorry for him and ensured he gave him a few months of game time in the second half of the 2014/15 season.
Now if you’re David at this point you’re feeling pretty excited about the coming year or two. Knowing the regular number one will be leaving the club and that you’d had a fairly good run of games in the second half of the season, why wouldn’t you feel confident about taking on the number one spot for the upcoming season. Cech is why. We signed Peter Cech and I would’ve been pissed when that was announced.
Since then Ospina has been little more than a Cup keeper and I don’t think anyone would be happy with that role at a top club. Even Begovic is fed up of winning the league with Chelsea despite playing less than 10 league games and has traded that in for a relegation scrap with Bournemouth next season.
It looks increasingly likely that we have seen the last of David Ospina in North London and with him he will at least depart an FA Cup hero with that huge save from Costa at 2-1 in the dying moments of the game. I wish him all the best in the future and hope he gets regular game time wherever he goes because it is no less than what he deserves, just maybe not here at The Emirates.
Emi Martinez played a handful of games all season, just two in the Premier a League so don’t really have much to say about him and his season.
He seems like he is happy to be sat on the bench from time to time, play the occasional game and just bring in a decent salary whilst he does it.
I will be back tomorrow to discuss the defence. Have a great day all.

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