Thursday 22 July 2017

Good day all,
Yesterday I spoke about our goalkeeping situation at present based on transfer speculation and today I will start with the defence.
It wasn’t until today that I realised quite how many defenders we have in the team so instead of writing a piece worthy of my girlfriends dissertation I decided I would break it down a bit so I will start with our right sided defenders.
Mathieu Debuchy has got to be one of the most unlikely players to have signed for Arsenal in recent history. We signed him to be our undesputised first choice right back following the departure of a scary Sagna and he started the season quite well by anybody’s standard.
However, less than halfway through the season he picked up an injury which ruled him out for quite a lengthy period of time which allowed Bellerin the chance to stake his claim as Arsenal first choice right, the rest is history as they say.
For Debuchy, it went from bad to worse. I recall him coming back from injury in a home game against Stoke and again, it seemed as if he were coping just fine until Arnautovic basically ended his Arsenal career.
Debuchy was shielding a ball out for a goal kick when Arnautovic shoved him whilst he had both feet off the ground and he went flying into the advertising signs, landed on his shoulder awkwardly and dislocated it. Ruled out again for a significant period of time thanks to said twat.
This was the nail in the coffin for Debuchy who never really bounced back. The reason for that can be attributed to a number of things such as picking up small knocks in the few games he did play, unsuccessful loan spells and a poor attitude whilst fit at playing second fiddle to Bellerin.
This season he’s floated around at the club without contributing much in terms of game time let alone anything else.
As such, I can’t see anything other than him leaving this summer for a new start. Whether that be for another English club (Premier League or Championship) or France – it’s more than likely to be the latter – nobody knows but he will be gone.
As will Carl Jenkinson I believe, he’s another player who was kept in at the club in the summer of last season due to the injury he was recovering from and, once fully fit, was unable to make the most of the opportunities presented to him. There was a spell when Bellerin was injured and the boss gave Carl a run of games at right back.
When doing so I wouldn’t have suggested it was necessarily a case of sink or swim for Jenkinson, all he had to do was play okay. Nobody expected him to perform to the level of Bellerin because, he’s not Bellerin, but nobody expected him to capitulate the way he did. He was awful, he sank. In fact, he was so bad he was dropped for a CB and since then, besides a few appearances in the League Cup, he’s not been seen since.
Sold, Jenkinson’s dream will come to an end just as long as we can find a team to buy him. If he were an item in the supermarket he would’ve been discounted 3-4 times before being moved to that shelf where everything is like less than half price because said item goes out of date yesterday and they need it gone. 
This whittles us down to just Bellerin himself who has, one way or another contributed to the fate of both players above.

  1. If he hadn’t played so well deputising for Debuchy, Mathieu might’ve had a chance to come back in as first choice following his shoulder injury.
  2. Had Hector not been injured last season and a Jenkinson called in for him, Carl wouldn’t have had the chance to show the world just how poop he is and subsequently might’ve been kept as second choice for next season.

Anyway, they’re going for it’s probably a good thing because I don’t believe Arsene is stupid enough to sell all three right side defenders in one summer.
Indeed, a Bellerin had a sticky patch this season in the middle third but admittedly, so did the rest of the team so I don’t think we can do much about it. However, to even consider selling him would be absolutely ludicrous, he’s the best young right back I’ve seen in Europe over the last few years and a club like Barca are t going to want to buy back their ex-academy star now if they didn’t think he was capable of going on to be something special.
With regards to Hectors comments this summer, I couldn’t care less about what he said to a Spanish paper whilst on duty with his Spanish U21 teammates because he signed a 6 and a half year deal this season meaning no matter who comes in for him, if we sell, we sell on our terms and Hector is by no means ‘unsettled’ mearning there’s no chance of him handing in a transfer request.
Next season, assuming we let go 2 of our 3 right backs I wouldn’t mind seeing us sign another right sided defender but I don’t think we will.
The depth of the squad in this area will depend on the formation we play, if we have a back 3 we will probably see Ox challenge him for a right wing back position, assuming he stays that is.
However, if we play a back 4 I think the manager will given piece of mind knowing Chambers and Gabriel can play right back (although neither of them should).
Anyway, that’s all for today. By all means let me know your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll be back tomorrow to discuss the central defenders.

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