Monday 3 July 2017

Good evening all, apologies for the delay in posting, I’ve had an extremely busy weekend but all is well.

In this post I will be looking at our attacking options ahead of next season. We’ll be looking at Theo, Welbeck, Giroud and… Lacazette.
To begin with Walcott, he’s a man who divides opinion more than most in the Arsenal squad. On one hand he is a lazy player who consistently leaves his full back exposed as he frequently switches off and loses his runner.
However, on the other hand he produces in the final third with goals. When you consider he has never played a full season as a striker, to get 109 goals for club and country is pretty impressive.
The problem with Walcott is that there isn’t much to his game. As mentioned earlier, he doesn’t work hard enough off the ball to defend. He doesn’t make himself available & get involved in build up play. He isn’t much of a creator. He can’t dribble.What he does do is get goals and this is mainly because of the timing of his runs.
The manager has always found a way to shoehorn Theo into the team one way or another, whether that be on the right wing to the detriment of our right back or through the middle at the expense of a physical presence.
Since the change of formation Walcott appears to be frozen out, and rightly so. As he has such a refined skillset it’s difficult to see where he fits into the team. He’s not a wing back because he doesn’t like (or know how) to defend. He doesn’t have the eye for a pass or appreciation of space to play in either or the number 10 roles. That just leaves the strikers role which is a position he ruled himself out of during last summer. Although, even if he hadn’t, I see no real need for him. Welbeck has plenty of pace to stretch defences, he has an aerial and physical threat and he has a better eye for a pass than Walcott.
Based on all of the above, I wouldn’t mind if we sold Walcott this summer. I feel his place in the squad could be better utilised by someone like Mahrez. I’ve no doubt Walcott still has something to offer, I just don’t see it coming at Arsenal.
Welbeck on the other hand is a player who has all the qualities to be a great player, he just doesn’t know how to score; a crucial requirement of a striker.
By all means we should keep him this summer as he offers a lot more to the team than any other striker we currently have on the books. Although if we do what we’re supposed to do this summer I see his role being marginalised next season to cup games, let’s hope he doesn’t kick up a fuss if that proves to be the case.
Giroud is another striker who may be on his way out the door this Summer. Rumours have picked up recently with interest from Marseille, Everton and others flying around.
Oli hasn’t hidden his desire to get more playing time than was the case last season and that’s an attitude of a player who trusts his own ability which is something to admire.
Giroud certainly has something to offer Arsenal but unfortunately that something will have to come from the bench for majority of the season.
As such, I would be disappointed to see him leave but at the same time, it would be completely understandable.
Especially if we complete the signing of Alexander Lacazette. A player we’re expected to sign in the coming days for a club record fee.
He has consistently scored 20 or more goals a season in the worst of the top 5 leagues in Europe. At 26 years old he should be in his prime and here’s to hoping he can make a seamless transition to the north side of the channel and hit the ground running and scoring.
If we do replace Giroud with his fellow Frenchman it’s safe to say our attacking lineup will lose an option in the quality of Giroud’s aerial threat. So, could Welbeck become the next Giroud and be the aerial solution when we find it difficult to break teams down? Probably not.

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