Tuesday 4 July 2017

Good evening all, I hope you’ve all had a happy Independence Day.

I guess the first place to start today is the story of Alexandre Lacazette. Sky Sports are reporting that his medical has been completed ahead of a £52m deal.
It’s very rare that Sky send push notifications regarding anything other than concrete news, so prepare yourself for disappointment when he fails his medical due to traces of performance enhancing drugs dating back 5 years.

Okay so he probably doesn’t take drugs but this is Arsenal and anything can happen between now and the posts of him holding that Red and White jersey arrive.

A lot of people seem to see this as an underwhelming signing and when you consider we were linked with Mbappe last month I kind of get it.

However, when you look at us as a team one thing we’ve been missing for the best part of 5 years is a clinical goalscorer and Lacazette is just that.

I know he has only scored c. 100 goals in the last 3 seasons in the French top division. On the face of it it doesn’t appear to be much of an achievement but when you consider he managed this in a Lyon team that look incredibly average it adds weight to the claim.

I also read yesterday that he is the first player to score 20 or more league goals in 3 consecutive seasons since Papin. Not even the all conquering Zlatan can brag about such a feat from his time in the Capital.

Personally, I am happy we’ve signed him. I think he has qualities that can improve our first team and there is no guarantee that Mbappe will perform any better than the tiny Frenchman if we were to sign him instead.

But what does this mean for our existing strikers? As I mentioned yesterday, I suspect this signing will draw a line under Giroud’s time at Arsenal which is a shame.

Besides that, I don’t think any of the others will be affected. Although I would rather we keep Giroud and sell Walcott due to the similarities he and Lacazette have (small, quick… that’s all. Alex is better at everything else).

Another potential outcome of this signing is that we keep both Walcott and Giroud but sell Alexis… to Man City.

Imagine the outroar. A record signing would be absolutely over-shadowed by the departure of our best player. Only the big man upstairs knows what sort of hell would break loose.

Anyway, lets not think about that. Remember positive thoughts breed positive results. So we will retain Sanchez and Ozil by tying them down with lifetime contracts. We will sign Mahrez and Mbappe and we will do the quadrople next season.

On that note, I will bid you farewell and see you tomorrow.

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