Wednesday 5 July 2017

Good evening again, it’s a late one tonight as I went to the pub after work so yeah, apologies.
Anyway, only one place to start really and that is with the news that we’re preparing a bid for Thomas Lemar, the young French winger from Monaco.

Just playing, we’ll come back to that. Arsenal announced the signing of Lacazette today via social media and I must say I’m somewhat underwhelmed.

I won’t go into detail but they basically done a teaser video that showed him having pics taken but didn’t show his face.

Now, in the past our media team have done some good announcements; Kolasinacs for example, but the way in which Roma revealed the signing of Pellegrini has taken things to a new level and I’m affraid we’re Falling behind.

Anyway, it’s official. He doesn’t do drugs (that are tracabk) and he had an interview and said the usual stuff about Henry, our history (Henry), having French players here and wanting to win the league, great.

Over the past few weeks I tried to steer clear of videos showing all his goals and highlights from last season for two reasons.

Firstly, I have been around long enough to know that doing this josts builds up your level of excitement ready to come crashing down when said player signs for a rival who don’t even need him and have just signed him because they wanted to piss you and your club off.

Secondly, it only shows you the good bits so if Arsenal do sign said player and I don’t see him lob the keeper from outside the box 13 times next season, I’ll be disappointed, to say the least.

So now we’ve signed him I thought it would be wise to do some research and watch all his goals from last season.

He scores most from inside the box, obviously. 11 penalties out of 37 goals isn’t too bad, a worthy replacement for Cazorla in that respect. He also appears to be relatively comfortable using his weaker left foot.

By comfortable I mean he doesn’t fall over.

Moving on, Thomas Lemar is a player we’ve been linked with which is good. He’s young and has had a very good season but been somewhat overshadowed by another young Frenchie in his team. Also, Spurs were linked with him and have had to end such interest as he expressed that he would favour a move to Arsenal over them.

Currently praying he does not sign for them.

He’s 21 and managed 14 goals and 14 assists last season in 53 games which is 0.71 goals/assists per game. Mbappe by comparison managed 1.5 goals (assists per game whilst Alexis and Ozil accrued 1.01 and 0.6 respectively.

It’s rumoured that we’re preparing an 80M bid for him as that’s what Monaco have asked for. I think thats overpriced but I guess that’s the world we live in nowadays.

I imagine if we were to sign Lemar it would rule out the chance of us signing Mahrez who would operate in a similar position.

Who would you like to see us sign next?

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