Thursday 6 July 2017

Good morning guys, I hope all is well and you’re in a part of England (or the world) where the sun is shining.
I’m posting early today as its my girlfriends birthday, happy birthday to her.

Anyway, now we’ve signed Laca we can discuss something else. So with Lehmann confirming he’s joining us as a full first team coach it seems the people behind the scenes are really trying to move mountains.

I don’t think this can be seen as anything other than a good move. We have wanted legends at the club for many a year so he ticks that box.

He has won a few things in his time at Arsenal, most notably the 2003-04 premier league. whidn is also something I feel will be important. As well as that he was certainly fiery at the best of times. Let’s hope that is still the case and he is able to push the players whilst instilling a winning mentality in them.

It will be interesting so see what, if any, influence he has on the team.

Another report this morning suggests Alexis is happy to stay at Arsenal, provided we pay him £400,000 a week.

Quite frankly I think that is ridiculous and Sanchez’ party know that. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had leaked this story intentionally so it tarnishes the opinion us fans have of Alexis. I mean, if he doesn’t want to hand in a request or be a pride like RvP, then leaking stories that portray him as a greedy bastard will piss us off, dislike him then it will make us care less when hes sold because we know he isn’t worth it.

Talks of a deal for Mahrez have also ramped up this week with suggestions that a deal could be done this week but I imagine if it is done it will be pushed through in the coming weeks. Why? Because two signings before the end of the first week in July is unheard of for Arsenal so three is approaching Unicorn territory.

He certainly makes sense. He’s in his prime at 26 years old and has experience in the Premier League, as well as winning it. Granted he didn’t have a great season last year but nor did anybody else in a Leicester shirt so I don’t think it makes sense to use that as a measure of his quality.

Lastly it has been reported that Romelw Lukaku is due to complete a £75m move to Man United shortly.

This means 2 things:

Chelsea won’t get him and having dumped Costa by text now have one less ample replacement for the Spaniard who has to be sold.

Everton will no doubt step up their pursuit of Giroud. That coupled with our signing and it is becoming increasingly likely that Oli will be plying his trade elsewhere next season.

Anyway, that is all for today. Have a great one guys.

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