Tuesday 11 July 2017

Hello everyone. Sorry for the late post today.

Theres quite a bit to mention today so we’ll start with some of Wenger’s comments upon arriving in Sydney.

When asked about our interest in Thomas Lemar and Kylian Mbappe he confirmed we were interested in both but stopped short of confirming whether we were in discussions, naturally.

With regards to Lemar he said we had “looked at” him but no more and labelled all the other stories “speculation” which I don’t believe for one second. Even if we had bid for him Wenger wouldn’t come out and admit such a thing.

He was then asked about Mbappe and confessed we were interested by saying every club in Europe would be interested in such a player, which is understandable. The kid literally has the world at his feet and, assuming Arsenal are serious enough to offer the money Monaco want, I hope we get him (but don’t think we will).

That is for several reasons:

Firstly, it would silence every football fan and mean they couldn’t criticise us for being “tight” or 

“lacking ambition”. Mbappe will cost more than €100M, whether that is this season or next and it would be an offer if we were to sign him.

Secondly, if that isn’t a statement of intent from the club to us as fans, rival clubs and our own players then I don’t know what is. If, by spending such money on the biggest young star in football can’t convince Sanchez to stay then nothing will.

Lastly, he’s actually a really good player. I don’t need to talk about what he done last season because everyone has but he will undoubtedly improve our team.

Whilst on the subject, the manager also said he has had no conversation with Alexis where the dog lover told him he wants to leave.

Wenger also seemed somewhat reluctant to accept that Sanchez won’t be signing a new contract. I love how blind he appears to the goings on of the world. We all know he isn’t but credit to the guy for being so defiant.

It’s clearly something Per is learning quickly as he was also asked about Sanchez and was rather to the point in saying the Chilean is going nowhere.

He said he will “definitely” be staying and that Alexis is as excited to play with Per as Per is to play with Alexis next season. Cute right?

To summarise; we’ll sign Lemar, Miss out on Mbappe (and have to live with another ‘Wenger-almost-signed- him story), Alexis will be sold on deadline day for a lot less than our £80M asking price and we will look to replace him with a youngster.

All jokes aside, I hope the opposite happens. I’m willing to sacrifice the signing of Lemar for Mbappe and Sanchez signing.

I’m going to head off and enjoy a lovely evening of British Summer rain so I’ll catch you tomorrow.

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