Tuesday Waffle on Arsenal Affairs

Good evening all,

Since my post on Sunday’s game I haven’t really had a chance to sit and think about the game, what it means for us and where we go from here.

To begin, it has to be said that it felt like there was a storm brewing amongst the fans and it would take one bad day at the office to set everyone off again.

I was somewhat surprised it didn’t come after the Stoke game but when you look at the game in isolation we didn’t actually play bad, we just couldn’t take the chances we created on the day, these things happen.

However, from the moment Welbeck missed the chance to put us 1-0 up you knew it wasn’t going to be our day at Anfield and the collapse that followed wasn’t all too surprising.

It wasn’t an angering loss, it wasn’t upsetting, it was just demoralising and, to an extent, expected.

We’ve seen it year in, year out, but this time it feels different. It feels like Wenger took us as far as he could last season but still he insists he can take us forward. Still he refuses to pass the reigns onto a worthy successor.

He may have a reason for holding on, maybe he knows the board are in no fit state to pick a replacement for him but I don’t see how he being here will benefit us in any way, shape or form.

The squad we have, as it stands, isn’t massively lacking in numbers and quality. I agree we need a centre half and a real CDM before we are able to have a real go at mounting a title challenge.

With Wenger in charge and apparently losing the changing room, will those players want to stick it out for another two years before they get the chance to work with a new manager who comes with new, fresh ideas and methods?

I wouldn’t want to, why would they? None of the players we have progressed through the youth systems besides a handful (Bellerin and Iwobi) so there is no affinity to the club and if they get the chance to leave before the end of this window or next to go to a bigger, more competitive club, would you blame them? Hardly.

The only way in which I can see the club moving forward is with the manager walking, or being sacked. The sad thing is I don’t see either happening.

Wenger is way too loyal and stubborn to hold his hands up and admit he made a mistake to sign a two year deal. As for the board, why would they sack him when they shit themselves when they had the chance to make a ballsy decision in the summer and take the contract off the table?

I’ve no doubts that there is a lot that goes on behind closed doors at the club which nobody knows about. The problem I have with this is that until/if these things are made public, Wenger will be the man who takes the flack. He seems willing to take the brunt of the abuse and it shows just how much he loves this club.

Between now and Thursday it seems we will be going against the managers words and selling Alexis to City with rumours suggesting we will be getting Sterling as a makeweight along with an insignificant cash fee attached.

This will be a substantial downgrade on what we have and I would be minded to offer Alexis to PSG and ask for Draxler in return.

Our summer business has been far too shoddy based on how far we were from winning the league.

I appreciate the gap, I presume, would be reduced based on the fact that the contract situation contributed so much to our collapse in the second half of the season.

Regardless, we needed to close the gap and with the way in which clubs around us have invested I feel we are in a worse place now than we were this time last season.

Yes we have signed Lacazette and Kolasinac but when you look at our shortcomings it is clear we have been missing a midfielder for some time as well as another CB that is of Koscielny’s stature and, in my mind, a word class goalkeeper to take over from Cech.

Whether we have been trying to do deals for players in these positions or not is another question but if we have, why have we got any of these deals over the line?

I could go on all night about where we go from here, because it is not a straightforward path from where we are now and where we, as fans, aspire to be.

Having said that, the first step in my mind is to replace the manager and bring a renewed freshness.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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