Hello, my name’s Cleveland but I’m commonly referred to as Maxwell so we’ll go with that (it garners less quizzical looks and questions).

I’m 24 and live on the outskirts of London in Hertfordshire so not too far away from home.

I try to get to a few games a season and currently sit on the season ticket waiting list with the hope that I can get one once I am married, had children, seen them through uni and settled into my mid-life crisis.

The reason for me writing this blog is because all I ever do is read about Arsenal and talk about them to my Dad (Liverpool fan) and friends (mixture of Arsenal, Man United and the occasional Chelsea fan). As I’m quite opinionated I thought it would make sense to start writing down my thoughts on a daily basis, long or short and posting them.

if you’re reading this I guess you’ve stumbled across my site as a football (and Arsenal) fan hopefully so please feel free to have a read and leave your comments with any opinions on my writing or what I am writing about.

I don’t know where this blog will go but I will continue to post as often as possible (I plan to daily) and with the experience will come more exciting topics, posts, titles, pictures (colourful flashy things basically).